Who are we and what is our aim?

We are a small, independent group of History undergraduates who believe into History being an easily accessible, fun subject for everyone no matter their background.

Due to COVID-19 many current GCSE students may feel as if they are in an academic limbo of uncertainty. Our team is here to fix this. We are posting succinct revision materials for current GCSE students as well as some engaging articles which can help to enrich and, hopefully, interest students in studying History at higher levels.

NoFearHistory aims to provide succinct explanations of complex historical topics which are studied at GCSE level by students in the UK in order to make their learning process more enjoyable and fun.

We also aim to encourage curiosity about the topics that are being studied in class as we believe that willingness to ‘dig in’ deeper stimulates one’s ability to think like a historian and ask important questions, such as “Why did this event happened in that specific time?”, “When did this event start?” or “Why is the world around me the way that it is?”, as well as to draw parallels between the past and the modern day.

In the near future, we are hoping to expand into covering the A-level and IB syllabuses.

Enjoy learning about History!

Meet the team


Clara is interested in Ancient history as well as the more modern periods. She particularly enjoys learning and writing about feminist history. In her spare time Clara enjoys baking, singing in an a cappella choir and walking her dog.


Rimma is interested in Mediaeval history as well as the history of the Russian Empire. She particularly enjoys learning and writing about the various ways how literary sources could be used by historians. In her spare time Rimma enjoys writing short stories and baking.

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