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History Weekend Walks: Alhambra, Granada, Spain

As we’d promised at the end of our earlier post in the series, we’ll be “walking” around the Islamic part of Alhambra’s palatial complex, which is located in Granda, Spain. Having started as a small fortress that dates back to the times when southern Spain was part of the Roman Empire, Alhambra (arabic for “red…

An announcement 12/12/2020

Our team is semi-back, everyone! Given that both of us were busy with university related tasks and general holiday preparations we’ve been updating at a much slower pace than in the previous months. However, now we’re are slightly more free and we’ll be updating once every two days. We will be unpacking some emails that…

Historians In Conversation: Historical Objects or a Mini-Pushkin Case-study

On this chilly Sunday day a little figurine on a bookshelf looked at us. We looked back at the figurine. And we thought- we should really talk about how various objects can be useful for historians to understand past societies as well as some modern issues. In this post of Historians In Conversations we’ll be…

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